The Boy Friend



  • A musical by Sandy Wilson (1924 - ). An affectionateparody of the musicals of the 1920s, it was first performed in 1953at the Player's Theatre, a London theater club, before transferringto Wyndham's Theatre for a run of more than five years with 2084 performances.It opened on Broadway in 1954 for another long run. In 1967 it wasrevived in London with great success. A film version was made by KenRussell (1971).

    The story is set in Mme Dubonnet's finishing school, whereevery proper young lady requires a boyfriend. None exists for PollyBrowne, however, because her wealthy father considers all men fortune-hunters.The carnival Ball is approaching, and Polly (pretending to be a secretary)invites Tony, a simple messenger-boy, to be her date. He accepts,not revealing that he is actually the Hon. Tony Brockhurst. Aftervarious confusions among the debutantes and their beaux at the ball,Polly and Tony have their true identities revealed and are delightedto find that their growing love is socially acceptable. Wilson's songsinclude 'The Boy Friend', 'Won't You Charleston with Me?', 'I CouldBe Happy with You', and 'Sur le Plage'.