The Corsican Brothers



  • A spectacular melodrama by the British dramatist Dion Boucicault.An adaptation of a French play, it was first performed at the Princess'sTheatre, London, starring Charles Kean, who played twin characters.The play introduced the so-called Corsican Trap, a variationof the ghost glide. It was during a revival of The CorsicanBrothers at the Lyceum Theatre in 1880 that Henry Irvingintroduced the practice of making scenery changes behind a curtain.

    The story concerns the twins Louis and Fabien dei Franchi;Louis is killed in a duel and Fabien avenges his death. H. J. Byron(1834 - 84) later burlesqued the piece in his The Corsican'Bothers'; or, the Troublesome Twins, while Willy Russell adaptedthe story for his hit musical Blood Brothers.