The Game of Love and Chance



  • A romantic comedy by Pierre Marivaux, first performedin Paris in 1730 by the Com├ędie-Italienne. It is often consideredMarivaux's finest work, providing perhaps the best example of hisskill in portraying the fine details of psychology and sentiment (astyle now known as marivaudage).

    The story centres on the marriage of Silvia and Dorante, prearrangedby their parents on the condition that the young couple are willingto accept each other. The boy and girl, having never met, are scepticalabout the match and each decides independently to observe the otherin secret. Consequently Silvia disguises herself as her maid, Lisette,and Dorante changes places with his valet, Arlequin. After numerousconfusions the couple fall in love without knowing each other's trueidentities.