The Ghost Train



  • A comic thriller by Arnold Ridley (1896 - 1984), firstperformed in 1925 at the St Martin's Theatre, London. It was successfullyrevived in 1993 at the Lyric Theatre, Hammersmith, and has become astaple of the amateur repertoire.

    The plot involves a group of travellers, including two younghoneymooners, who miss their train and are forced to spend the nightin a remote, and apparently haunted, Cornish railway station. It transpires,however, that the ghost train is an elaborate hoax to cover up a Bolshevikplan to smuggle weapons into Britain. The plan is thwarted by oneof the travellers who, it emerges, is a secret agent.

    The original production was noted for its elaborate soundeffects; milk churns, garden rollers, and whistles were amongstthe devices used to create the effect of the ghost train.

    The author is now mainly remembered for playing the aged Private Godfreyin the classic TV comedy Dad's Army.