The Homecoming



  • A two-act comedy by Harold Pinter, first performed in 1965 at theAldwych Theatre, London, in a production featuring the Royal Shakespeare Companyunder Peter Hall. It went on to become Pinter's greatest Broadway success, winningthe Tony Award for Best Play. There was an acclaimed Broadway revival in 2007.

    Ted, a lecturer at a US university, returns home with his new wife Ruth, introducing her into the all-male London household of his father Max, his uncleSam, and his brothers Joey and Lenny. Unused to this female presence, the men vie for her attention and Ruth plays them off against each other. When Ted finally decides to go back to America, Ruth accepts the degenerate family's invitation to stay. Lenny, who is apparently a pimp, suggests that she could work for him in Soho, and her reaction hints that she may have done this sort of thing before. The final implication is that it is Ruth, and not Ted, who hastruly 'come home'.