The Last of the Red Hot Lovers



  • A comedy by Neil Simon, first performed in New Yorkin 1969. The plot concerns the failed amours of Barney Cashman, amiddle-aged restaurant owner. Despite being happily married, Barneyaspires to be part of the 'swinging sixties', and yearns for an affair.His first assignation, in his mother's empty apartment, is with theunhappily married Elaine. Barney talks nervously throughout the meetingand the couple never reach the bedroom. He tries again with the glamorousbut paranoid Bobbi, who talks endlessly about her aspirations to aHollywood career; instead of sex, she gives Barney marijuana. Lastly,he tries Jeanette, the depressed wife of a philandering friend; realizingthe depth of her misery, Barney decides to return to his wife.