The Little Foxes



  • Lillian Hellman's three-act drama about greed andcorruption, usually considered her best play. It opened in New Yorkin 1939, providing Tallulah Bankhead with one of her best-knownroles. The 1941 film version starred Bette Davis. In 1981 the playwas successfully revived on Broadway (moving to London the followingyear) with Elizabeth Taylor making a rare stage appearance.

    The play depicts a ruthless Southern family, the Hubbards(Regina and her brothers Ben and Oscar), who place financial interestsabove all else. Regina's ailing husband, Horace, despises the familyand refuses to lend the brothers money to build a cotton mill. When Horace discovers that money is missing from his safe-deposit box ('borrowed' by Oscar'sson), Regina sees this as an opportunity to blackmail her brothers. Horrified by her behaviour, Horace says he will make the loan after all; however, he thensuffers a heart attack and Regina ensures his death by withholding his medicine.