The Philanderer



  • A play by George Bernard Shaw. It was written in 1893but owing to its somewhat risqué subject did not find a produceruntil 1905, when it was presented in London as a private club production.The play satirizes two causes that Shaw himself supported, Ibsenitefree-thinking and feminism. Shaw's main character, Charteris, is largelya self-portrait, while he wrote the part of the tempestuous Juliafor Mrs Patrick Campbell, with whom he was infatuated. Inthe event Mrs Pat never played the part.

    The story centres on Leonard Charteris, a philandering Ibsenite,who is unable to decide between two women - an old sweetheart,the volatile Julia Craven, and a new love, the widow Mrs Grace Tranfield.Charteris attempts to resolve his dilemma by persuading the physicianDr Percy Paramore to propose to Julia, whose acceptance frees himto concentrate on Grace. For her part, however, Grace decides thatshe would rather have Charteris's respect than his love.