The Room



  • The first play by Harold Pinter, a one-act drama thatwas written in a few days and first performed in 1957 by the dramadepartment of Bristol University. First seen in London in a 1960 doublebill with The Dumb Waiter, it shows all the hallmarks of thePinteresque style.

    The plot centres on Bert and Rose, an elderly couple who livein a drab bed-sitting room. Their landlord, Mr Kidd, arrives in anagitated state but leaves without explaining his behaviour. Bert alsoleaves on some unknown errand. Subsequently a blind Black man, calledRiley, appears; he calls Rose 'Sal' and says he has a message forher. Bert suddenly returns and beats Riley unconscious, whereupon Rosescreams that she has now also gone blind. The room appears to be asymbol of refuge in a menacing world.