The Ticket-of-Leave Man



  • A contemporary melodrama by the British playwright Tom Taylor,which featured the first stage detective and the first set of a Londonrestaurant. Adapted from Léonard by Edouard Brisbarreand Eugène Nus, it was first performed in 1863 and had a considerableinfluence on later writers of melodrama.

    The story involves Robert Brierly, a naive young Lancastrian,who arrives in London and falls in with the low-life character JamesDalton. Brierly is arrested and imprisoned for innocently passingcounterfeit money given to him by Dalton. After serving a year, hereceives a 'ticket of leave' for good conduct. Despite losing hisjob and sinking into poverty, he resists Dalton's attempts to lurehim back into crime. Instead, he works with Detective Hawkshaw tobring Dalton to justice.