Theatre of the Ridiculous



  • A theatrical movement that began in 1967 with the opening ofthe Play-house of the Ridiculous on off-off-Broadway. Itwas characterized by outrageous dialogue, bad taste, double entendre,and witty word-play. The first offering was Ronald Tavel's TheLife of Lady Godiva (1967), directed by John Vaccaro, with CharlesLudlam as the leading actor. That same year, Ludlam wrote and Vaccarodirected Big Hotel and Conquest of the Universe. Ludlamshortly afterwards left to form his own company, writing, directing,and acting in such plays as Turds in Hell (1968), Camille(1973), and Der Ring Gott Farblonjet (1977). Vaccaro remainedwith the Play-House company, which toured Europe and subsequentlyfound a home in New York's La Mama Experimental Theatre Club. It disbandedin 1972.