thermal radiation


General Science


  • Radiation emitted by a body by virtue of its surface temperature, like sunlight from the Sun’s surface or heat from a flame. Its opposite is non-thermal radiation, which includes all emissions caused by non-temperature-related effects, and includes emissions like Cerenkov radiation.

Cars & Driving

  • noun heat transfer from one substance to another by means of electromagnetic waves


  • The transmission of heat through electromagnetic waves from a warm surface to a cooler one.


  • The process by which heat is radiated by matter. This energy is in the form of electromagnetic waves, and is a result of the temperature of said matter. While such waves may encompass the entire electromagnetic spectrum, a high proportion of this radiation occurs in the infrared region. Also, the heat so radiated. Also called heat radiation, or radiant heat.


  • noun the rays of heat and light given off by a nuclear explosion