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General Science

  • noun a device that responds to temperature change by activating a mechanism, used for controlling the temperature of a space or process

Cars & Driving


  • An electric switch controlled by an element that responds to temperature; used in heating and/or cooling systems.


  • A switch that is automatically actuated when a temperature deviates by a specified amount from a target value or interval. A thermostat serves to open or close a circuit which controls a heating and/or cooling mechanism, so as to maintain a temperature within the desired limits. A thermostat often incorporates a bimetallic element which bends in a given direction to turn the circuit on and off, and must have the proper amount of hysteresis to prevent constant switching between cycles or too large a temperature interval between cycles Used, for instance, in heating, cooling, or refrigerating systems, or for overtemperature protection. Also called thermostatic switch.


  • An electrically or mechanically operated instrument which monitors the temperature in an enclosure and if it deviates from a preset value increases or reduces the energy input to or abstracts more or less energy from the space to maintain the preset temperature. Commonly used in gas or electric ovens, refrigerators and freezers, deep fat fryers, slow cookers and the like.

Real Estate

  • noun a device that regulates temperature by means of a temperature sensor, used, e.g., in domestic heating systems