General English


  • verb to remove a number of small plants from a crop, so allowing the remaining plants to grow more strongly


  • adjective of small extent between two surfaces

Cars & Driving

  • verb to add thinners to a paint in order to adjust the viscosity

Media Studies

  • adjective referring to a photographic negative that lacks density or contrast


  • adjective referring to blood which is watery


  • used to describe a wine that lacks body, depth and flavour

Origin & History of “thin”

Thin denotes etymologically ‘stretched’. It goes back ultimately to the Indo-European base *ten- ‘stretch’, which also produced Latin tenuis ‘thin’ (source of English tenuous) and Latin tendere ‘stretch’ (source of English tend, tense, etc). from this was descended prehistoric Germanic *thunnuz, which has evolved into German dünn, Dutch dun, Swedish tunn, Danish tynd, and English thin.