General English

Cars & Driving

  • verb to push an engine to its limits


  • noun (in one-day cricket) the closing stages of a side’s innings, when only a few of the allotted overs remain and the main object is to score runs rather than to conserve wickets; the batsmen may be further assisted by facing a relatively weak bowling attack, in cases where their opponents’ leading bowlers have already completed their full quota of overs
    Citation ‘A further 22 overs of torrid pace … made a mockery of any attempt at what cricketers term the closing “thrash”’ (Richard Streeton, The Times 23 June 1983)
    Citation ‘Fielding against the Australians leaves no time for rest. Even in a four-day game they run all day as if in the last five overs of a one-day thrash’ (Graham Thorpe, Guardian 19 November 1994)


  • noun a wild celebration, dance or party. In this sense the word has been used since before World War II.
  • noun a variety of very fast heavy metal music of the late 1980s, in the jargon of rock journalists and aficionados