throw out


General English


  • verb (of a fielder) to run a batsman out by means of a throw that makes a direct hit on the stumps
    Citation ‘I think particularly of three brilliant practitioners — Graham Barlow of Middlesex; Peter Squires of Yorkshire; and Derek Randall of Notts. All three have “thrown out” batsmen by direct hits on the stumps when it looked as though the run was on’ (Oslear & Mosey 1993)
    Citation ‘Ponting transferred the fury he should have felt with his partner and himself to England because he had been thrown out by eagle-eyed substitute fielder Gary Pratt’ (Haigh 2005)


  • verb to reject a proposal or refuse to accept it


  • noun
    (written as throw-out)
    a section of a book or periodical which can be unfolded to larger than page size
  • verb to design a section of a book or periodical so that it can be unfolded to make a page larger than double page size