General English

  • noun the act of suddenly pushing something strongly
  • noun a force which pushes someone or something
  • verb to push something somewhere suddenly and hard

General Science

  • noun a force in the crust of the earth that squeezes and so produces folds
  • verb to push something suddenly with force



  • The amount of force or push exerted by or on a structure. Sometimes the horizontal component of that force.
  • In an arch, the resultant force normal to any cross section of the arch.


  • noun an advance
  • verb to move forward with force

Origin & History of “thrust”

Thrust was borrowed from Old Norse thrýsta ‘thrust, compress’. It probably goes back ultimately to the Indo-European base *trud- ‘push, press’, whose other descendants include Latin trūdere ‘thrust’ (source of English abstruse, intrude, etc) and probably also English threat.