General English


  • noun name given to a person in a certain job


  • noun an identification name given to a file or program or disk


  • Legal documents that indicate right of ownership of real property.

Information & Library Science

  • noun the name given to a book, play or TV programme
  • noun a word used to indicate the status of a person, e.g. Mr, Mrs, Dr or Rev


Media Studies

  • noun a name that identifies a book, film, play, painting, musical composition or other literary or artistic work
  • noun a descriptive heading for something such as a book chapter, a magazine article or a speech
  • noun a work published or recorded by a company


  • noun a name given to someone to show that they have received an honour or are a member of the nobility


  • noun the status of champion in a sport or competition

Origin & History of “title”

Title comes via Old French title from Latin titulus ‘inscription on a tomb or altar, label, title’. Other contributions made by the Latin word to English include entitle (14th c.), tilde (19th c.), tittle (14th c.), and titular (18th c.).