General English


  • Slices of bread browned on both sides either under the grill or in a toaster.
  • abbreviation
    (written as TOAST)
    The Obesity Awareness and Solutions Trust
  • acronym forThe Obesity Awareness and Solutions Trust
    (written as TOAST)
  • noun a national association dedicated to the study of obesity and public education about the issues surrounding it.


  • adjective confounded, in trouble. The word nearly always occurs in the form ‘I’m toast!’, an admission that one is about to suffer, e.g., punishment or humiliation.


  • noun a slice of bread which has been grilled
  • noun the act of drinking to someone’s health or success
  • verb to grill bread, etc. until it is brown

Origin & History of “toast”

Toast comes via Old French toster ‘roast, grill’ from vulgar Latin *tostāre, a derivative of the past participle of Latin torrēre ‘parch’ (source of English torrid). Its use as a noun, meaning ‘toasted bread’, dates from the 15th century. It was common to put sippets or croutons of spiced toast into drinks to improve their flavour, and it was the custom of gallants in the 17th century, when (as they frequently did) they drank the health of ladies, to say that the name of the lady in question enhanced the flavour of their drink better than any toast. That is supposedly the origin of the use of the term toast for ‘drinking someone’s health’.