• In the ancient Roman theater, a type of fabula thatsuperseded the palliata in the 2nd century BC. Thename came from toga, the traditional garment of the Roman citizen.Also known as the tabernaria, the genre had fewer actors andsimpler plots than the palliata; it was also more satirical,lampooning the urban lower classes in their everyday life.

    The leading writer of the togata, with 44 works tohis credit, was Lucius Afranius (2nd century BC), who isthought to be the first dramatist to introduce the subject of homosexualityon stage. Other exponents of the genre included Titus Quintius Atta(d. 77 BC), noted for his characterization of women, andTitinius (2nd century BC), who was influenced by Menander.Only fragments of their comedies survive.