General English

General Science

  • noun an allowable variation in something which can be measured


  • noun the ability of an organism to accept something, or not to react to something

Cars & Driving

  • noun the difference between the permissible maximum size and the permissible minimum size of a measured quantity


  • The permitted variation from a given dimension or quantity.
  • The range of variation permitted in maintaining a specified dimension.
  • A permitted variation from location or alignment.


  • The maximum permissible deviation, error, or other variation in a property, value, setting, dimension, or the like. For instance, distortion tolerance, frequency tolerance, the greatest allowable error in a reading displayed by a measurement instrument, or the maximum fluctuations in the voltage supplied by an AC power line which do not impair the function of fed devices or equipment.
  • The tolerance (1) relative to a given nominal, standard, or desired value.


  • noun the ability of the body to tolerate a substance or an action

Real Estate

  • noun an allowance made for something to deviate in size from a standard, or the limit within which it is allowed to deviate


  • noun the loss of or reduction in the usual response to a drug or other agent as a result of use or exposure over a prolonged period