• verb to hit the ball with unrestrained aggression; slog
    Citation ‘After the match, Pakistan skipper Salim Malik conceded that he was really worried when Tendulkar was tonking the bowlers all over’ (Vijay Lokapally, Sportstar [Chennai] 30 April 1994)
    Citation ‘Few who witnessed it will forget his cameo at Sydney in 1994–1995, when he tonked Shane Warne straight out of the ground during an uplifting last-wicket stand’ (Andrew Miller, Cricinfo Magazine June 2006)


  • adjective muscular, well-built. Defined by one user as ‘beefed-up and hardcore, e.g. Arnold Schwarzenegger’.
  • noun a fat or heavily-built man or woman. A term from Caribbean speech, also heard in the UK since 2000, especially among younger speakers.