• noun a ball coming off the upper edge of the bat; a top-edged ball
    Citation ‘Although in hooking at 16 he was fortunate that Dujon did not pick up a top-edge, Gavaskar raced surely to his 50 in only 37 balls’ (WCM December 1983)
  • verb to hit the ball with the upper edge of the bat, especially when hitting across the line of flight (as in making a hook or pull) and misjudging the height of the ball; the top-edged ball loses pace and lobs upwards off the bat, often creating a chance for the fielding side
    Citation ‘Marsh, too, tried to hook Willis, top-edged, and Dilley judged an awkward catch perfectly’ (Brearley 1982)
    Citation ‘Tendulkar finished as Man of the Tournament, but a top-edged swing at Glenn McGrath ended his hopes of World Cup glory’ (Dileep Premachandran, Cricinfo Magazine June 2006)