• A structure which is significantly taller than it is wide. For example, an antenna tower.
  • A tower (1) which extends from another structure. For example, a radio tower.
  • A tower (1) or tower (2) which supports an antenna or is used as an antenna radiator. Also called tower antenna, or tower radiator.
  • In computers and communications, a cabinet or other enclosure which is taller than it is wide. For example, a DVD tower.


  • noun a tall structure, usually built for observation or defence

Real Estate

  • noun a tall structure, sometimes the upper part or a tall part of a building or structure and sometimes a separate building
  • noun a tall scaffolding structure used in construction

Origin & History of “tower”

The ultimate source of tower is Greek túrris, a word probably from a pre-Indo-European language of the Mediterranean region. It passed into English via Latin turris and Old French tur, tor. Turret (14th c.) comes from the Old French diminutive turet.