Toys in the Attic



  • A play by Lillian Hellman, first performed in 1950 in New York.A 1963 film version starred Geraldine Page and Dean Martin. The drama is setin New Orleans and concerns two middle-aged spinsters, Carrie and Anna Berniers,who live together in their old family home. For years they have gladly sentmoney to their prodigal younger brother Julian, believing that one day he willbe a great success. They are disconcerted when he suddenly arrives with a new bride, $150,000 cash, and tickets for a long-dreamed-of European holiday for the sisters. Rather than being delighted, the possessive Carrie is appalledat the prospect of losing Julian and sets out to sabotage his new happiness.In the process she uncovers the true source of Julian's sudden wealth and the insecurities of his wife, Lily. When Julian is robbed and beaten, the sisters happily resume their old routine of supporting him.