• noun the process of following a stock market closely

Cars & Driving

  • noun the correct alignment of the wheels; adjusted by means of the track rods.


  • noun the correct alignment of a read head and the tape in a tape player
  • noun degradation of a video clip because the action moves too fast to be accurately captured by the camera


  • The following of the path of something that moves. For example, the following of the movements of a scanned object by a radar.
  • The following of a changing variable or characteristic, while making corresponding adjustments. For instance, the condition in which simultaneously tuned circuits maintain close resonance for a given tuned frequency.
  • A mechanism that adjusts the angle and speed at which a magnetic tape passes the heads, as occurs, for instance, in a VCR.
  • A mechanism which adjusts the lateral pressure of a phonograph needle as it follows a groove.

Information & Library Science

  • noun lines on magnetic tapes or disks along which information is carried


  • noun monitoring changes in the way the public sees a product or a firm, done over a period of years

Media Studies

  • noun a function on a video player that adjusts the quality of the picture


  • noun the act of following the movement of an aircraft, vehicle or ship using surveillance equipment or a missile guidance system


  • noun the act of reducing the spaces between letters, either to save space or to avoid awkward letter combinations (like L and T) which can leave gaps if spaced normally