• noun a particular type of business, or people or companies dealing in the same type of product
  • verb to buy and sell, to carry on a business


  • The business or work in which one engages regularly and which may require manual skill.
  • A group representing a particular occupationor craft.

Information & Library Science

  • noun the activity of buying, selling or exchanging goods or services


  • noun all the people or companies dealing in the same type of product

Media Studies

  • noun a publication meant for people in a specific line of business


  • noun a general term for the business of buying and selling goods (especially between different countries)
  • noun targets (especially enemy aircraft)


  • noun a sexual partner or partners, particularly a paying customer of a prostitute. A generic term for custom or customers in the jargon of male and female streetwalkers, the word has sometimes been extended in the gay lexicon since the late 1960s to refer to any sexual partner.


  • noun business done

Origin & History of “trade”

Trade originally meant ‘way, track’. Not until the 16th century did the modern sense ‘buying and selling’ emerge, via ‘regular path followed by someone’ and ‘business pursued by someone’. Etymologically, it amounts to a ‘trodden’ path; for it was borrowed from middle Low German trade ‘track’, which goes back ultimately to the prehistoric Germanic base *trad-, *tred-, source also of English tread and trot.