• noun a mark or scent left by an animal
  • verb to pull another wheeled vehicle or implement


  • The name given to the entrails of birds and fish which are cooked with the item and considered a delicacy, especially the heart and liver of a woodcock served with the roast bird
  • The long somewhat ragged piece of muscle which runs the length of fillet steak as it is cut in the UK. Usually removed from the muscle before slicing it into tournedos, filet mignon and chateaubriand steaks.
  • A stage in the whipping of cream when the cream poured from a spoon onto the whipped cream leaves a distinct trail which persists for several seconds

Information & Library Science

  • noun a path followed by somebody or something


  • adjective relating to the subsequent waves of an advancing force, which are in a position to reinforce the leading elements or take over the lead when required
  • noun marks on the ground, made by the movement of a person or vehicle
  • noun a structure at the rear of an artillery piece, which enables it to be towed by a vehicle
  • noun the way in which a bomb falls behind an aircraft after it has been dropped, because the aircraft’s forward speed is greater than that of the bomb