General English


  • noun a machine used for carrying purposes. Trailers are of the two-wheel or four-wheel types, and are used for carrying cereal and root crops, and for general use on the farm.

Cars & Driving

  • noun a, usually two-wheeled, vehicle designed to be towed behind a car
  • noun the goods-containing part of an articulated lorry that is drawn by the cab


  • noun the final byte of a file containing control or file characteristics


  • A section of nonmagnetic tape, usually plastic, which is affixed to the end of a length of recording tape. A section attached at the beginning of a tape is called a leader (1).
  • In communications, the last part of a message, packet, or the like. Such a trailer, for instance, may incorporate error checking data.

Media Studies

  • noun an advertisement for a film consisting of extracts from it, shown on television or in a cinema
  • noun a blank piece of film at the end of a reel


  • noun a small vehicle like a box on wheels which is towed behind a car, and which can be used for carrying luggage, camping equipment, etc.