General Science

  • noun one single action which affects a database, e.g. a sale, a change of address or a new customer


  • noun an instance of doing business, e.g. a purchase in a shop or a withdrawal of money from savings


  • noun a piece of buying or selling


  • Its abbreviation is trans. An event or activity in which something is exchanged between two entities, or which elicits a corresponding action. For example, a command which calls for a processing action, an exchange between a user and an interactive system, a change in a record which updates a master file, or an online or point of sale purchase.


  • The purchase or sale of assets or debts between individuals or firms. In the forex market, a transaction is an exchange that involves the simultaneous purchase of one currency and the sale of another at a particular rate of exchange that fluctuates over time according to market conditions and influences. also called a trade.

Information & Library Science

  • noun an action which involves the exchange of goods or information


  • noun a transfer or exchange of items between two people, often a transfer of goods in exchange for money


  • noun a piece of business done between companies or people
  • noun the process of doing something

Real Estate

  • noun an instance of doing business of some kind, e.g. the purchase of a property