General English

General Science

  • noun the movement of a body in a straight line without rotation
  • noun the conversion of data from one form into another


  • noun the movement of an object in a straight line in which every part of the object follows a parallel course and no rotation takes place


  • The process of converting one language into another.
  • In computers, the process of converting from one format, such as that data or a file, into another.
  • The process of changing from one format, function, system, or level, to another.
  • In computer graphics, the process of changing the position of an image or object on the screen without rotating said image or object.

Media Studies

  • noun in the theories of structuralism and discourse, the process of transferring a message from one semiotic system (language) to another


  • noun the act of putting something written or spoken in one language into words of a different language
  • noun the process by which information in messenger RNA controls the sequence of amino acids assembled by a ribosome during protein synthesis


  • noun the act of translating, or a book or other text which has been translated