General English

Cars & Driving

  • noun the transference of motive force or power
  • noun the drive train system from clutch to final drive


  • noun the process of sending signals from one device to another


  • A gear set or similar device that permits changes in the speed/power ratio and/or direction of rotation.
  • The process by which incident light leaves an object or surface from a side other than that which receives the light.
  • The transportation of bulk electricty from the generator to the substation.


  • The act or process of conveying a signal or any form of information, such as data, from one location to another, via wires, optical cables, waveguides, electromagnetic waves, acoustic waves, or any other means of communication.
  • A specific instance of transmission (1) or transmission (2).
  • The signal, data, or other information conveyed via a transmission (1) or transmission (2).
  • The broadcasting of TV signals.
  • synonymtransmittance

Media Studies

  • noun a radio or television broadcast.
  • noun something transmitted, e.g. a radio signal
  • noun the act or process of transmitting something, especially radio signals, radio or television broadcasts or data
  • acronymTX


  • noun an act of sending a radio signal


  • noun the part of the mechanism of a vehicle which passes the power from the engine to the wheels

Health Economics

  • Doctors' shorthand for medical treatment. Cf Rx.