General English


  • noun a device for sending out radio signals

Cars & Driving

  • noun a device that transmits electrical or radio signals, such as in a radio remote control system.


  • noun a device which will take an input signal, process it, e.g. to modulate or convert it to sound, then transmit it by a medium such as radio or light.


  • A component, device, piece of equipment, system, object, or entity which emits, radiates, or otherwise sends signals. Transmitters which send information-bearing signals are used in many areas, including communications, TV and entertainment, radars, and so on. Also called sender (1).
  • A circuit, device, or system which converts audio, video, or other content into radio waves which are emitted. AM, FM, and AM/FM transmitters are examples. Also called radio transmitter, radio sender, or sender (2).
  • That which originates or otherwise emits signals, energy, particles, waves, or the like, which move from one point to another.

Information & Library Science

  • noun a set of equipment used for broadcasting radio or television signals

Media Studies

  • noun a piece of broadcasting equipment that generates a radio frequency wave, modulates it so that it carries a meaningful signal and sends it out from an antenna
  • noun in a piece of communication, the person who is receiving the transmitted message


  • noun an apparatus used to send a radio signal