General English

General Science

  • verb to apply a chemical or physical process to something in order to get a specific result
  • verb to give medical aid to someone or to apply medical techniques to a disease or condition


  • verb to behave or act towards something or somebody in a particular way
  • verb to apply a process to something in order to get a particular result


  • verb to use medical methods to cure a disease or help a sick or injured person to recover


  • verb to seduce. An item of black street slang of the 1990s.

Origin & History of “treat”

Treat comes ultimately from Latin tractāre, a derivative of tractus (source of English contract, tractor, etc), the past participle of trahere ‘pull’. Originally tractāre meant ‘drag’, but it branched out metaphorically to ‘handle, deal with, discuss’, and it was in these senses that it reached English via Anglo-Norman treter. The notion of ‘dealing with something by discussion’ also underlies treatise (14th c.) and treaty (14th c.), which come from the same ultimate source.