General English

General Science


  • verb to cause to operate, to set off


  • noun a thing which starts a process


  • verb to start a process


  • The condition or event that initiates or causes an interlocking process to occur.


  • A pulse or other signal that initiates or activates a component, circuit, device, piece of equipment, system, action, process, or mechanism. Also, to so initiate or activate. 2. A trigger (1) which serves to initiate or activate instantaneously. 3. A trigger (1) which serves to terminate or stop an action, process, or mechanism. 4. A trigger (1) which serves to alternate between two operational or stable states, as occurs in a flip-flop.
  • In computers, a command or mechanism which initiates an action under specified conditions. For example, that which triggers the execution of an applet.


  • A condition that prompts an action. Many technical forex traders look for objective conditions occurring in a currency pair's price action such as breakouts or for technical indicator signals to trigger their entry into a trading position to avoid having to get subjectively or emotionally involved in the decision.


  • verb to start something happening


  • noun a moving lever which releases the firing mechanism of a gun