• noun a simplistic, (literally or figuratively) low-browed person, someone of restricted intelligence or no social graces, a ‘Philistine’ or ‘Neanderthal’. This shortening of ‘troglodyte’ (a cave-dweller) was used in the armed forces in the early 1950s and particularly by jazz enthusiasts, beatniks and students in the late 1950s and early 1960s to describe those who were dull, boorish or out of touch. Since around 2000 in adolescent usage the term has denoted an unpleasant and/or unattractive female. Users have claimed it is a blend of troll and dog.
  • verb to trek, walk energetically or wearily. An armed-services’ term which passed into civilian usage in the 1970s. It is probably a blend of ‘trek’ and ‘slog’.