• To attempt to induce other network users, especially over the Internet, to respond to intentionally inflammatory messages, postings, emails, or the like.
  • To browse or surf the Internet.
  • To be present in a chat room or other similar setting without saying or typing anything.
  • A user that trolls (1), trolls (2), or trolls (3).


  • verb to search websites for Internet addresses which are then added to an email address list for promotional purposes


  • noun an unpleasant and/or unattractive person. The standard term, denoting a mythical monster or goblin, has been applied especially to females in UK and US usage since the 1990s.
  • verb (to take) a prowl, wander or cruise. This alternative form of ‘trawl’ has existed since the 15th century. It acquired the sexual sense in the 1930s and was a vogue gay term of the 1960s.