General Science


  • noun a simplified banking system, where actual cheques are not sent to the paying bank, but held in the receiving bank which notifies the paying bank by computer of the details of cheques received


  • noun removal of digits from a number so that it is a particular length


  • The dropping one or more decimal digits from a number, with the rightmost remaining digit never changing. When rounding (1), the rightmost remaining digit is increased if the next number was 5 or higher. For example, when truncating 0.66666 to four decimal places the result would be 0.6666, while it would be 0.6667 if rounding.
  • The deletion of leading or trailing characters or digits from a string. For instance, the removal from a field of all text that exceeds a given number of characters. When truncating, there is no concern pertaining to the accuracy of that which remains.
  • synonymtruncating

Information & Library Science

  • noun the shortening of a search term by adding a symbol such as per cent or * to match all the forms with the same stem, e.g. LIBRAR per cent will find library, librarian, librarianship