General English

General Science

  • verb to adjust a radio receiver to the particular frequency of the required signal


  • verb to set a system at its optimum point by careful adjustment

Cars & Driving

  • verb to adjust an engine to obtain optimum performance; e.g. adjustment of the ignition timing, valve clearances and the carburettor’s idling circuit, and servicing of the distributor and sparking plugs


  • To adjust to a desired frequency. For instance, to tune a receiver or an oscillator. Also, such an adjustment.
  • To adjust a component, circuit, body, or system, so as to make it resonate with a given signal, force, or the like. Also, to adjust a resonant frequency.
  • To adjust a component, circuit, device, piece of equipment, or system, so as to attain optimum performance or output.

Media Studies

  • verb to adjust a radio or television set to a station or channel

Origin & History of “tune”

Tune originated as a variant of tone, and to begin with it was used for ‘sound, tone’ (‘He told him of the death of Brunes; then were made hideous tunes of many a gentle damsel’, Troy book 1400). very quickly, however, the sense ‘melody’ emerged (it is not present in tone), and eventually took over from ‘sound’. The derivative attune dates from the late 16th century.