General Science

  • noun a part of a radio receiver which allows the operator to select the particular frequency of the required signal

Cars & Driving


  • A component, circuit, device, or mechanism which serves to select a desired frequency. Used, for instance, in a radio receiver. 2. A tuner (1) which is a subunit within a device or piece of equipment such as a receiver in a sound system.
  • A separate sound system component which is utilized as a tuner (1) for selecting from radio bands such as AM and FM. A receiver (2) is sound system component which incorporates such a tuner, along with a preamplifier and a power amplifier.
  • That which serves to adjust the resonance frequency of a component, circuit, body, or system.

Media Studies

  • noun a device used for accepting a desired signal from a mixture of signals, e.g. in a radio or television set containing one or more resonant circuits