General Science

  • noun a hard shiny grey metallic element with a very high melting point, used in high-temperature alloys, lamp filaments and high-speed cutting tools
  • chemical symbolW
    (written as Tungsten)

Cars & Driving

  • noun a hard, malleable, greyish-white element used in lamp filaments, electrical contact points and, alloyed with steel, in high-speed cutting tools


  • A lustrous silver-gray metal whose atomic number is 74. It is very hard, dense, ductile, has great corrosion resistance, and has the highest melting point and lowest vapor pressure of all known metals. At elevated temperatures it also has the highest tensile strength. It has almost 35 known isotopes, of which 3 are stable. Its applications include its use as lamp filaments, in electron tubes, in X-ray tubes, hard parts such as rocket nozzles, and in high-speed cutting devices and tools. Also called wolfram, from where it gets its chemical symbol, W.

Media Studies

  • noun the glowing metal filament used in artificial studio lighting, which has an orange tone

General English

  • noun the twenty-third letter of the alphabet, between V and X