General English


  • noun a large poultry bird raised for meat


  • noun a bad investment, an investment which has turned out to be worthless


  • A large (up to 15 kg) flightless bird, Meleagris galopavo, native to North America but now farmed worldwide for its high-yielding flesh. Popular in the UK at Christmas and in the USA at Thanksgiving but now available throughout the year as one of the cheapest forms of animal protein. Cooked like chicken.


  • noun a book that does not sell very well


  • Broadway slang for a dull or bad production that is doomed to fail.For example, when reviewing a play called My Dear Children in 1951 the critic Gene Fowler wrote, "The management prudently kept the turkey out of town." see also flop.


  • (written as Turkey)
    a country with an ancient history of winemaking that was mostly stopped with the arrival of Islam. The country restarted its wine production in the 20th century and now grows a range of European-variety grapes including Cabernet Sauvignon, Carignan, Chardonnay, Merlot and Pinot Noir. The bulk of the wine is produced in a government-run winery, but there are also over 100 private vineyards in the country.

Origin & History of “turkey”

The term turkey was originally applied to the ‘guinea-fowl’, apparently because the bird was imported into Europe from Africa by the Portuguese through Turkish territory. when the American bird we now know as the turkey was introduced to the British in the mid 16th century, it seems to have reminded them of the guinea fowl, for they transferred the guinea fowl’s name turkey to it.