General English


  • An obsolescent device which reproduces sound which has been recorded in the spiral grooves of a disc called phonograph record. A turntable incorporates a motor-driven turntable (2) which rotates a platter at a constant speed. The disk is placed on the platter, and a tone arm, which holds the cartridge, travels progressively towards the center of the disk. The stylus of the cartridge follows the variations in the grooves, and converts them into electrical signals which are fed into an amplifier, preamplifier, receiver, or other such device. Also called phonograph, or record player.
  • The rotating platform which rotates the platter at a constant speed in a turntable (1).


  • A rotating circular platform on a stand onto which a cake may be placed to assist in its icing and decoration
  • A rotating circular platform on the base of a microwave oven on which the dish of food being cooked is placed to ensure even penetration of microwaves

Media Studies

  • noun the flat round revolving plate on which the record rests on a record player