General English


  • noun the mammary gland of an animal, which secretes milk. It takes the form of a bag under the body of the animal with teats from which the milk is sucked.


  • The fatty white meat of the mammary glands of milking animals such as cows, sheep and goats which is cooked and sliced. Once popular but now rarely available. Occasionally used as a pasta stuffing.

Origin & History of “udder”

Udder goes back ultimately to prehistoric Indo-European *ūdhr-. this, or variants of it, produced the word for ‘udder’ in the majority of Indo-European languages: Greek oū́thar, Latin ūber (source of English exuberant), Sanskrit ū́dhar, Russian vymja, German euter, Dutch uier, Swedish juver, and Danish yver for instance, as well as English udder.