Under Milk Wood



  • A "play for voices" by the Welsh poet Dylan Thomas(1914 - 53), featuring a cast of characters numbering more than 60.Originally commissioned by the BBC for radio, Under Milk Wood wasfirst broadcast in 1954; it later transferred successfully to the stage,being performed in Edinburgh and London in 1956. Thomas had died in 1955,before he was able to complete the final revision of the stage version.

    The play depicts the life of Llareggub, a Welsh seasidevillage, through a series of stories told by the villagers about themselvesand their neighbours. They include the blind seaman Captain Cat, MrsOgmore-Pritchard and her two dead husbands, and the local flirt, PollyGarter. Other characters include Nogood Boyo, Willy Nilly, Nasty Humphrey,Bessie Bighead, and Dai Bread. The play is notable for its rich poeticprose.