General English

General Science

  • adjective consistent and not varying in characteristics


  • adjective the same, not varying in quality, dimensions, etc.

Media Studies

  • noun
    (written as Uniform)
    an internationally recognised code word for the letter U, used in radio communications


  • adjective the same or similar
  • noun the set of official clothes worn by a group of people such as the nurses in a hospital to identify them


  • noun standard military clothing worn by members of the same arm or grouping
  • noun
    (written as Uniform)
    the twenty-first letter of the phonetic alphabet (Uu)


  • adjective exactly the same across a range or area


  • noun specially designed clothing worn by all members of a group

Origin & History of “uniform”

Something that is uniform has literally only ‘one form’, the same throughout. The word comes, probably via French uniforme, from Latin ūniformis, a compound adjective formed from ūnus ‘one’ and forma ‘form’. Its use as a noun, for a ‘set of identical clothes worn by everyone’, dates from the 18th century, and was inspired by French.