• verb to take goods off a ship, lorry etc.
  • verb to sell shares which do not seem attractive


  • To remove a computer storage medium, such as a disc or tape, from a drive or other device utilized to read and/or write from and/or to it.
  • To transfer data from a computer storage medium, such as a disk or tape, or a database. Also, to remove a program from memory.
  • To remove a disk, cassette, reel, cartridge, drum, or other object composed of, or containing a recordable medium from a device utilized for recording and/or reproduction.
  • To remove an output load.


  • verb to sell stock which is no longer needed at a lower price than usual

Media Studies

  • verb to remove a roll of film from a camera


  • verb to remove ammunition from a weapon
  • verb to remove a load from an aircraft, ship or vehicle