General English


  • verb to make improvements to a herd by repeated crossing with superior males


  • verb to increase the importance of someone or of a job


  • verb to make a system more powerful or more up -to date by adding new equipment or facilities


  • A newer version of software and/or hardware. For example, an update, or the replacement of a CPU with a newer model.
  • To add power, speed, capacity, or the like, to existing hardware. For example, to increase RAM to 2 GB from 512 MB.
  • To perform or install an upgrade (1) or upgrade (2).

Information & Library Science

  • verb to improve something by bringing it up to date or adding more modern equipment
  • verb to regrade a job, giving it a higher salary scale


  • noun the act of moving a passenger to a better class of seat, without making him or her pay extra
  • noun work done to make facilities more luxurious or more modern