• noun a form of cut or slice in which the ball glances up off the angled face of a horizontal bat, usually going towards or over the heads of the slips
    Citation ‘So many [runs] came from uppercuts over the slips that Willis eventually sent two men two thirds of the way back to the boundary to act as fly-slips’ (Matthew Engel, Guardian 6 November 1982)
    Citation ‘Despite the enthusiastic patronage of Tony Grieg and Alan Knott … the uppercut remained something of an oddity until the 1996 World Cup, where Sanath Jayasuriya audaciously attacked the new ball’ (Simon Briggs, Wisden 2003)
  • verb to hit the ball with an uppercut
    Citation ‘He will uppercut the ball gleefully for six with muscle, and next ball … slide it softly past the bowler for four’ (Rohit Brijnath, Wisden 2003)