General English

General Science

  • noun a machine for moving people or goods, e.g. a car, truck, train or boat

Cars & Driving

  • noun any form of transportation but especially one with wheels.


  • In painting, a substance, such as oil, in which pigments are mixed for application.
  • Any device for conveyance.


  • noun a machine with wheels, used to carry goods or passengers on a road


  • noun a liquid in which a dose of a drug is put


  • noun a machine which moves on land


  • noun the liquid part of printing ink, which carries the pigment

Origin & History of “vehicle”

A vehicle is etymologically something that ‘carries’. The word comes via French véhicule from Latin vehiculum, a derivative of vehere ‘carry’. this also gave English convex, inveigh, vector (18th c.) (etymologically a ‘carrier’), and vex (15th c.), and it came ultimately from a prehistoric Indo-European base *wegh-, ancestor also of English waggon, way, weigh, etc.